Knowledgeable Attorneys Providing Mediation Services

In some circumstances, litigation is the best and only choice if the parties cannot come to agreement or if a substantially large amount of assets are involved, but the process is contentious, expensive, time-consuming and stressful.

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that allows the parties involved to resolve their case in a manner that is best for them. It allows the parties to have control over how their case is resolved.

Attorney Melissa Cipriano has a strong background in finances and mediation. She serves on the prestigious Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel, where she volunteers to help individuals mediate their family law issues. If, after this process, the two parties are unable to find a resolution, they must visit a qualified family law economic mediator — a title Melissa Cipriano also holds. She has an MBA and is licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey and Florida. Her strong background in family law, mediation and economics allows our firm to give our clients the comprehensive, holistic service they deserve.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Mediating your divorce keeps your issues private and can help maintain the stability of your home during the turmoil of a most difficult and painful time.

Our team does prepare every divorce case as if it will go to court litigation, but we strongly advise our clients to consider the benefits of mediation:

  • It offers you and the other party the opportunity to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively while protecting your best interests and those of your children.
  • Mediation reduces the timeline of the divorce proceeding.
  • It offers you greater control of the outcomes of your case. Rather than a judge making decisions, you make the decisions as long as you are willing to compromise.
  • The mediation process can reduce court fees and attorney fees.
  • Mediation protects your future financial well-being and that of your children.

At Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., our attorneys work hard to solidify favorable agreements, protect your children's interests and save any remaining opportunity for an amicable relationship with your ex-spouse. Contact us online or call us at 800-646-0731 toll free to speak with one of our Essex County-area divorce mediation attorneys.

Efficient And Effective Resolution in Mediation

Attorney Melissa Cipriano is a qualified New Jersey family law mediator. She often serves as a court-appointed mediator for cases throughout New Jersey. She can also function as a neutral party to resolve conflicts in collaboration with the clients of other lawyers before a divorce petition is even filed.

If we proceed with a mediation process from the beginning, we can come to agreements between the parties before the court process of making the divorce official begins, which benefits everyone. We can file for divorce, inform the judge that all agreements have been signed and finalize the process much quicker than through any other alternative.

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We do not go into mediation blind or unprepared. We build an influential case on your behalf, and we are ready to take your case to court if agreements cannot be made. Email or call us today at 800-646-0731 toll free. We are caring and passionate advocates.