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Equal parenting time is in the best interest of the children

Over the years, there have been many theories involving the relationship between children and their parents. It was once believed that, when parents divorced, the children needed their mothers more than their fathers. Among New Jersey residents these days, there is a more balanced view toward parenting time.

Quality parenting time with both parents benefits everyone

When a marriage ends, it is often the children who suffer the most. Many non-custodial parents living in New Jersey will be familiar with the difficulties in arranging parenting time concerning their children. Seeing one's child for only brief periods can be painful and even infringe upon efforts to nurture the relationship. In contrast, recent studies have shown that parenting time in the form of overnight visits can be of greater benefit to the parent-child bond in a number of ways.

3 things mothers should know about custody mediation

Now that you know for certain that your marriage is over, you might be dreading having to deal with child custody issues. The thought of a stranger making decisions for your child might make you uncomfortable. There is another option - mediation. This process involves you and your ex-husband working together to create the child custody agreement.

Get answers to child custody questions before making decisions

When New Jersey parents decide to end their marriages, their greatest concern is often how it will affect their children. Child custody issues can be complex and frustrating, and parents undoubtedly have questions. Friends, other family members and Hollywood movies can only give their opinions and impressions of how it really works. In order to feel comfortable and come to an agreement that works best for a family, some basic questions need to be answered first.

Designing a child custody agreement that works post-divorce

New Jersey parents who are in the midst of a divorce often struggle with how to lessen the impact of their split on the children. A carefully crafted child custody agreement can help in doing just that. The agreements made between the parents during such a challenging time can form a foundation upon which the parents can build a civil, if not amicable, future as they continue to raise their children together despite the end of the marital relationship.

School and child custody arrangements

Many New Jersey couples who are getting a divorce have school age children. While they might be mindful of how parenting time will affect the child's school schedule, they might not consider how the divorce and the schedule will affect their academics and behavior in school. This needs to be a consideration for both parents as they negotiate their child custody agreement.

Child custody option may benefit New Jersey parents, kids

Children are often the most important aspect of New Jersey parents' lives. As a result, those parents likely want to do their best to protect their children from situations that could cause emotional hardships. Unfortunately, not all incidents can be avoided, and if parents decide to end their marriage, divorce and child custody proceedings could prove emotionally taxing on everyone involved.

Parental concerns may lead to child custody modifications

Child custody agreements can often leave parents wanting. Even if the agreements may seem suited to the circumstances of the moment, changes may come about in the future that result in parents and children alike becoming unhappy with the child custody arrangements. New Jersey residents may be interested in such a situation involving Madonna, her ex-husband and their son.

Co-parenting may not be best for New Jersey child custody cases

When going through divorce, many New Jersey parents are focused on making the most out of any custody proceedings. Co-parenting may be an option that many individuals work toward for child custody, and in many cases, it is successful. However, there may be instances in which one parent may not maintain full participation as expected, and problems could arise.

New Jersey parents may hope for fair child custody consideration

Many New Jersey parents want to be in their children's lives as much as possible. Unfortunately, divorce can make family situations more difficult if child custody agreements do not revolve around joint custody. Though shared custody and co-parenting are much more common, some individuals may still feel as if they do not get fair consideration during custody proceedings.

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