Reducing Expense And Conflict

Litigating a divorce can be both emotionally exhausting and financially draining. Not only that, when elements of your divorce go before a judge, you relinquish control over the outcome. In other words, the judge will ultimately decide what happens.

In some circumstances, litigation is the best and only choice if the parties cannot come to an agreement or if a substantially large amount of assets is involved, but the process is contentious, expensive, time-consuming and stressful.

There's Another Way

One way to retain a degree of control of your divorce is to try alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like mediation or collaborative law. As the name implies, both methods emphasize collaboration over fighting. Coming to the table with an assumption of goodwill instead of animosity can greatly reduce tensions, not to mention costs. In fact, reduced cost is one of the major reasons that people can benefit from ADR. And when you don't spend your money on lawyers and court costs, you can save that money for your children or other expenses you will face in the future.

When You Don't Want To Wait

In New Jersey, many courts have judicial shortages, and trials are being delayed. With the ongoing shortage of judges, pursuing an alternative dispute resolution method like mediation or collaborative law can ensure that your divorce stays on track and doesn't get lost in a sea of family law conflicts awaiting their day in court.

Melissa Cipriano, Esq. is mediator, and have been trained in collaborative law.

Attorney Melissa Cipriano, Esq. is a member of the New Jersey Collaborative Law group, and is on the executive board of that group. She also has an MBA, which gives her an edge in negotiations that involve astute financial decision-making.

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