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Family law tends to be emotionally charged. The intensity varies with each family, but in all cases, a practical, experienced legal professional is necessary to balance these emotions with straightforward advice and expectation-setting.

At Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., we work efficiently as we pursue fair resolutions that serve your best interests. We are sensitive to your specific needs and goals. Our lawyers approach each case as a team as they carefully examine the circumstances of your situation. We are committed to unveiling any unforeseen complications, setting clear expectations and helping prepare you for a brighter, sustainable future.

Our Areas Of Family Law Practice

We work with individuals throughout Essex County who are navigating the following family law issues:

Providing Quality And Knowledgeable Representation

Attorney Melissa Cipriano is also a qualified New Jersey family law mediator who is committed to building trusting relationships while she assists lawyers as a neutral third party to guide individuals through their divorce. Melissa Cipriano also has a strong financial background. She has an MBA and is licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey and Florida. She serves on the prestigious Matrimonial Early Settlement Panel, where she volunteers her time to help individuals mediate their issues. If the two parties are unable to resolve their issues, they must visit a qualified family law economic mediator — a title Melissa Cipriano also holds.

Divorce is not an uncommon occurrence in today's society. This does not mean that your divorce is just like everyone else's. On the contrary, we respect your unique family dynamic and give you the personalized attention and care you deserve as you navigate this complex time. The common occurrence of divorce has led to the development of many misconceptions and myths. We are determined to dispel these untruths as we help our clients achieve their goals.

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