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New Jersey court upholds divorce agreement regarding alimony

When many marriages come to an end, it is not unusual for one party to be required to make alimony payments to the other individual. Divorce is a common process in which various financial aspects are impacted, and in some situations, one party may not always feel as if he or she got the best deal. These feelings may intensify if an individual paying alimony discovers that their ex-spouse is cohabiting with another romantic partner.

New Jersey residents concerned with such issues may be interested in a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. According to reports, property settlement agreements that call for alimony termination in the event that an individual is cohabiting are enforceable. The case involved a woman who had been married for 23 years before going through a divorce and being awarded alimony. Since the divorce, the woman began living with another man and had been doing so for approximately two years.

The woman and her ex-husband had a divorce agreement stating that alimony would be terminated should cohabitation take place. As a result, a majority ruling of the court upheld the property settlement that called for the termination of the former couple's alimony payments. However, some individuals feel that the ruling may damage the woman's ability to meet her financial needs.

If New Jersey residents are concerned with alimony terms, they may wish to carefully examine their agreements. If individuals believe that their alimony terms have been violated, as this case shows, there may be reason to have the payments terminated. Finding out additional information on the subject and consulting with an experienced divorce attorney for specific insight may prove useful to concerned individuals.

Source:, "Supreme Court Endorses Alimony Termination for Cohabitation", Michael Booth, May 3, 2016

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