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Former Mayor Giuliani facing divorce issues, again

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2018 | Divorce

No two marriages are exactly the same; therefore, neither are any two divorces. Navigating the divorce process even once can be quite challenging, as many New Jersey residents can attest. For people like former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, multiple divorces can raise some complicated issues, which is why it is always best to have experienced legal counsel on hand to help address any potential problems.

Giuliani’s third wife of 15 years has reportedly filed for divorce, stating that she expects there to be certain property division problems between her and her soon-to-be ex-husband. Like many married couples in this state, the Giulianis own several properties together. The 73-year-old former mayor of New York City said he hopes to settle his current divorce as amicably as possible and also to protect his family’s privacy as the process unfolds.

Giuliani said he and his wife own properties in their home state of New York as well as Palm Beach. He also said that blame in divorce is always 50/50; one spouse is never solely culpable. While the Giulianis have no biological children together, they each have children from previous marriages, which often significantly impacts various issues of settlement in a divorce.

Like most states in the nation, New Jersey operates under equitable property division laws, meaning the court determines a fair distribution of marital assets in divorce. If spouses disagree about a particular asset, litigation is sometimes necessary to resolve the matter. In such circumstances, it often helps to retain experienced legal representation before heading to court.

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