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January 2019 Archives

Divorce is becoming increasingly common among baby boomers

New Jersey residents born between 1946 and 1964 are part of the baby boomer generation. Cultural landmarks of this generation include a passion for rock and roll, slogans about making love not war and an overall free-spirited energy that influenced young adults through the 1960s and 70s. Now that baby boomers are ages 54 and beyond, they have added another common factor to their life experiences: divorce.

Keep this helpful tip in mind regarding your child custody plan

When New Jersey parents get divorced, they no doubt understand that their decisions are going to have a significant impact on their children's lives. Thankfully, there are typically many community resources available to help parents and children cope with divorce and successfully adapt to new lifestyles. Sometimes, parents may unwittingly impede the process, especially if they use their children as messengers regarding child custody issues because they don't want to talk to each other.

Protecting your children's emotions in a New Jersey divorce

Divorce is usually very hard on the people divorcing, but it can also cause a lot of strain for any children in the family. In fact, a parental divorce can seem incredibly destabilizing to young children. A divorce can disrupt their emotional stability, sense of identity and concept of social order.

More judges ruling on pet issues as custody matters in divorce

Every New Jersey couple who files papers to end a marriage brings a unique set of circumstances to the court's attention. Divorce proceedings never unfold the exact same way twice, as each relationship is unique and though similar issues may exist between two sets of spouses, it does not necessarily mean the two outcomes will be the same. A particularly complicated issue involves pets.

Develop a workable parenting plan in mediation instead of court

One of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of divorce is how it impacts the relationship between parent and child. Emotional outbursts and shifting dynamics are quite common. The changes that come with divorce often force parents to reflect carefully on both their relationship with their children and their parenting style.

Older women often encounter financial distress after divorce

Many New Jersey residents will be filing paperwork in family law courts in 2019. With regard to divorce, many of those petitioning the court are beyond age 55. In fact, twice as many people in this age group have ended marriages in the past 20 years than couples of similar age groups in prior eras.

Sometimes high assets complicate divorce, sometimes not

If a New Jersey couple decides to end their marriage, the judge overseeing their case will either approve their negotiated terms or will step in to make decisions on their behalf if they are unable to achieve an amicable agreement on their own. When high assets are at stake in divorce, it can definitely have an impact on the ultimate outcome of the situation. Some people say that having high net-worth made their divorce less stressful; however, others have experienced negative consequences due to complex asset issues.

Make informed, carefully thought-out decisions regarding divorce

If a New Jersey spouse mentions to a close friend or family member that he or she is considering ending his or her marriage, the listening party may wind up offering advice. Such advice may range from trying to stick it out and restore the marital relationship to filing divorce papers right away to settle problems, leave the past behind and move on to a new lifestyle. Those who understand how challenging it can be to resolve property division, child support, alimony or custody issues know it is typically best to avoid rushing into things and to carefully research state laws and what the options are in a particular situation before heading to court.

TV star Thomas Ravenel petitions court for sole child custody

As many New Jersey parents know, resolving disputes over how best to care for children when parents divorce or parents who were never married to each other break off their relationships can be quite challenging. If one or both parents accuse the other of being unfit, the court must take time to investigate the matter and determine a course of action in the best interests of the children involved. A star of TV show Southern Charm, Thomas Ravenel, is currently fighting for sole child custody against the mother of his two children, whom he has accused of illegally buying, selling and using prescription drugs.

Expecting to pay alimony in divorce in 2019 or beyond? Read this

New Jersey family court judges often issue orders regarding financial payments meant to provide for financial assistance to former spouses. Many people in this state and others pay alimony in divorce. In the past, such payments could  be claimed as deductions on federal tax forms but this will no longer be so for dovirces that occur after Dec. 31, 2018, once new laws take effect.

Child custody: What happens if parents live in different states?

New Jersey parents often have to resolve a lot of issues concerning their children when they decide they no longer want to remain married to each other. In all states, the court has the final say regarding child custody, visitation or support issues. However, complications can arise if parents reside in different states.

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