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Complicated child custody situation crosses borders

A 34-year-old expectant mother was reportedly ecstatic to win a visa lottery, allowing her to legally enter the United States. The woman's cousin says it was her dream to build a life here for her children. Sadly, soon after her arrival in the U.S., the woman died during childbirth. The situation has developed into a child custody problem that has crossed international borders. New Jersey residents facing similar problems may want to follow this case. 

Mother says child custody laws biased against disabled parents

There are many New Jersey parents who suffer from temporary or permanent disabilities. Each situation is unique and the severity of any disability varies according to individual circumstances. A woman in another state is lobbying for changes in child custody laws that she believes are biased against disabled parents.

5-year child custody battle may finally be coming to a close

Many New Jersey parents face disagreements with former spouses or others regarding child-related matters. When the central focus is child custody, serious problems can arise, especially if someone relocates a child without going through appropriate channels of approval. One dad has been fighting for five years to get his son back, and just recently the tides seem to have turned in his favor.

Does parenting time have to be equally divided in divorce?

Divorce is challenging enough for couples who do not have children. It may be more so for parents. There are typically many issues that must be resolved, one of which is parenting time. New Jersey family courts generally believes children should have as much time with each parent as possible, but that doesn't always mean the time must be split equally.

Azarenka confident child custody battle will end in her favor

New Jersey parents who are currently trying to balance professional lives with family law situations understand just how stressful such circumstances can be. When the stakes are bumped up another notch, and a parent is an international tennis star, the pressures of competition in conjunction with a child custody battle may seem overwhelming at times. Such has been the case for Victoria Azarenka, whose personal problems kept her from competing in the 2017 U.S. Open.

What if a parenting time dispute violates a court order?

Anyone who has gone through divorce likely understands how challenging, stressful and frustrating it can be. When parenting time problems arise, New Jersey parents may want to immediately reach out for support before things get out of hand. Such issues tend to evoke strong emotions on both sides, and solutions may be more easily obtained by acting alongside experienced representation.

What to do in a case of child custody interference

When there are children involved in a divorce, emotions sometimes make New Jersey parents do things that are out of character. They may resort to various actions of child custody interference, the most serious being abduction. When a parent abducts his or her child from the custody of the other parent, criminal law enforcement will be tasked with recovering the child, while a petition to family court may prevent similar events in the future.

Co-parenting during the holidays made easy

If you and your husband are recently separated, you may be facing some unique challenges during the upcoming holidays. It is only natural that your children will want to spend time with both of you. This means that you will have to work with your future ex-husband so that your children can enjoy happy holidays, free from the stress of your impending divorce.

How problems with addiction could affect child custody

Marriages can break down for any number of reasons. For some New Jersey residents, a spouse's alcohol or drug problems may prove too much to cope with, especially when children are involved. For the parent with such problems, this will have a serious impact on the issue of child custody.

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