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Helping Parents Create A Plan That Serves Their Child’s Best Interests

Parenting is not an easy task, especially when you feel like you cannot agree with your child’s other parent. Simply put, parenting is easier when everyone is on the same page and a thoughtful plan is in place. Qualified parenting mediator, Melissa Cipriano, helps parents negotiate their parenting time and plan as your parenting coordinator. Experienced family law attorney Allison Holzman, Of Counsel, adds another dimension to our parenting coordinator services.

An experienced and well-regarded attorney, Melissa Cipriano is in a unique position to act as a parenting coordinator. She draws on substantial courtroom experience to help parents work out parenting issues. Similarly, Allison Holzman draws on more than 19 years of family law experience and her penchant for clear communications to guide parents through difficult parenting time and custody conflicts.

Each of our qualified parenting coordinators are often appointed by New Jersey family law courts. However, parents facing custody matter also seek out the services of our parenting coordinator attorneys, without the direction of the courts. We understand the legal responsibilities and the emotional journey involved in co-parenting. Schedule an appointment with our firm to talk about your options. Call 973-852-3346.

Why Work With A Parenting Coordinator?

Parents who work with a parenting coordinator often find the experience extremely beneficial. This is because a parenting coordinator helps you achieve your goals for your child’s care in a way that respects the needs and concerns of both parties. We put your child’s needs first and provide personally tailored plans for issues like custody and visitation, support, logistical issues and more.

The courts always put the best interests of the child first – and so do we. We help you find an optimal situation that protects your child, helps them thrive and accommodates your needs. Our attorneys help families across New Jersey, New York and Florida, find ways to thrive when parents live separately.

Experienced Legal Resources For Your Family

Families who work with Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., consistently receive excellent services that they trust. Our firm prides itself on excellent legal resources and stellar personalized care. Schedule an appointment today. We offer free initial consultations to allow you to understand the benefits of working with a compassionate, knowledgeable parenting coordinator. Call 973-852-3346 or send us a message online to get started in amicably resolving your parenting time and child custody disputes.


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