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August is Child Support Awareness Month

The majority of parents want to do right by their children. While there are cases where a noncustodial parent may be unable, or simply refuses, to make child support payments, it is rarely the case that they will be required to make no payments at all. As some New Jersey residents may already know, August is Child Support Awareness Month.

Should a man pay child support for a child that is not his?

From the first moment children draw breath, their parents form strong bonds with them. Many New Jersey residents will understand a parent's desire to do the best for his or her child. Seeking -- or paying -- child support, is one way of making provisions for them. What happens if a man is expected to make payments for a child that is not his?

Child support and custody are intertwined for New Jersey parents

When a relationship ends and there are children involved, parents struggle to find a way to make the transition easier on them. Arrangements need to be made for child support and custody. Many New Jersey parents might believe that the two issues are only tangentially related when, in actuality, they are inexorably intertwined.

Establishing child support in a custody agreement

When New Jersey parents separate, helping their children through the transition is often first on their list of priorities. Custody arrangements are only part of how this is done. Child support is also essential in order to ensure that the children are provided with the financial resources needed in order to help them thrive after a divorce or separation.

How is child support calculated in New Jersey?

When New Jersey parents separate, the obligation of each parent to financially support the children does not end. The court will likely order one parent to make monthly payments on behalf of the children in order to fulfill this obligation. Child support will be calculated based on a number of factors set forth by the state legislature.

Custody and child support issues are intertwined

Providing for the emotional, physical and financial well-being of children can be enough of a challenge for New Jersey parents who are married. When that relationship ends, that does not mean that the parents are not still obligated to provide for their children together. Children need both of their parents in order to maintain the stability and security they enjoyed during the marriage, which is why custody and child support issues are intertwined.

How is child support established here in New Jersey?

This is often one of the first questions that New Jersey parents ask when the relationship between a child's parents ends, regardless of whether they were married. Understanding how support is calculated prior to beginning any negotiations regarding custody could be helpful. This is because child support is a crucial part of any agreement of the parties regarding custody, especially since the amount of time each parent spends with the child affects the amount ordered to be paid.

Back child support could cause issues for New Jersey parents

For many single parents, relying on child support is a considerable part of how they are able to provide for their children. However, there are situations in which individuals could face difficulties receiving and/or paying that support, and parents and children could end up struggling financially. If New Jersey residents do not pay their child support, they could face serious consequences; however, there may be hope for change.

New Jersey parents may find help through child support app

Having disagreements is a common part of relationships. However, in some cases, continual disagreements may lead to the ending of a marriage, and if New Jersey residents have children, additional issues may continue to arise even after divorce. One of the most common topics that could cause issue is child support. Luckily, there may be options for individuals to consider that may be able to help them reduce the potential for in-person arguments.

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