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Child support could be financial concern for New Jersey residents

Many New Jersey residents will likely face financial concerns at some point in their lives. There are various situations that could lead to individuals needing to make important decisions regarding their finances, and divorce is one of those situations. Concerns over child support, property division and other agreements are understandable. By focusing on the future and understanding how present decisions can impact the future, parties may be better able to come to beneficial terms.

Child support and Social Security for New Mexico parents

In some cases, New Mexico custodial parents who are owed back child support by their former spouses or children's noncustodial parents may be able to reclaim some or all of the sum owed from the noncustodial parent's Social Security benefits. The type and amount of the benefits the noncustodial parent receives and what proportion of the parent's income constituted by the benefits affects how much, if any, back child support may be reclaimed.

Situations where child support payments might end

Divorced parents in New Jersey may have questions about how long a court order for child support lasts, and the obligation to make payments generally ends at 18 though certain circumstances may change this. However, there are steps parents must take to terminate a child support order.

Child support in New Jersey

When one parent retains physical custody of a minor child following a divorce, the court may require the other parent to pay child support to help cover expenses for the child's care, maintenance and education. In New Jersey, the court will usually use a Child Support Worksheet to calculate the proper child support obligation from one parent to the other. The worksheet allows the court to view all of the factors that affect the financial situations of both parents.

New approach minimizes delinquent child support payments

In New Jersey and everywhere for that matter, when it comes to paying child support, there can be a number of issues that arise. There is a lot of press given to 'deadbeat dads,' but there can be legitimate reasons why the non-custodial parent falls behind on payments. In addition to paying child support, non-custodial parents can also be required to pay other expenses in part or in full. It can feel overwhelming to the non-custodial parent who may love the child but be struggling to manage it all.

New Jersey child support amnesty for parents in arrears

Beginning April 28, individuals in New Jersey who are behind on child support payments may be able to take advantage of a weeklong amnesty being offered by the state. To qualify, parents must have a warrant out for their arrest because child support is in arrears. Even if adequate arrangements cannot be made during amnesty week, indebted parents have no fear of being arrested while trying to make such arrangements. The state has offered child support amnesty before, but cautions that this is not a regular event. The prior amnesty took place in 2004. Parents must still make every effort to stay current on child support payments or acquire a modification to their child support agreement.

Child support bill clears New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee

While there are endless positives that come from ending a bad marriage, one difficult aspect can be determining how best to financially support any children involved. In order to ensure that a child’s basic needs are met, the non-custodial parent often must pay child support.

Adult daughter sues for child support payments in arrears

As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide for your child. This is the case regardless of whether you are the custodial parent or not. Failure to pay child support will not only lead to a lawsuit, but can also demonstrate what kind of parent you are in the eyes of your child.

Warrants served in New Jersey concerning back child support

It's unfortunately common for certain parents to refuse to abide by their court-ordered child support obligations. One New Jersey County recently arrested 25 individuals in a sweep concerning child support warrants that were issued by the court.

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