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Managing Complex Assets And Holdings Through Economic Mediation

Businesses, investments and other financial assets are notoriously complex. Very few people have the right combination of skills, education and assertiveness to appropriately manage a complex financial dispute. At Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., our founding attorney holds a Master of Business Administration and is a qualified economic mediator. She has the in-depth understanding necessary to manage complex economic mediation and provide solutions during disputes.

Schedule a consultation at our office and arrange to work with a qualified economic mediator by calling us at 973-852-3346.

What To Expect From An Economic Mediator

Economic mediation is a process by which a lawyer, who also is trained to understand the complex nature of financial investments, steps in to help find and manage solutions during disputes. This may come into play in a variety of situations including divorce and contentious business dissolution.

The goal of any mediation is to provide a solution that is fair to both parties, even when the parties may disagree on what “fairness” is. An economic mediator provides a neutral eye and acts as a calming presence who can see through the emotion and conflict and offer productive solutions.

As your mediator, Melissa Cipriano will take a full accounting of the financial investments involved, listen to both sides of the dispute and offer complete and fully formed solutions.

Take A Productive Step Toward The Future

To inquire about our economic mediation services and determine if economic mediation is a viable option for you and your conflict, please call or email our office. We can help determine the best approach going forward and find a lasting solution to your conflict.

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