Legal Considerations When A Custodial Parent Seeks To Relocate

New jobs, new relationships or a desire for a change of scenery can lead to exciting possibilities in seeking new locations. However, if you have children and you are divorced, moving out of state is not as simple as packing up your things and leaving. You have to provide a legitimate reason for your move and explain, in detail, how you are going to maintain your custody and child support agreements after you move.

If your former spouse is planning a move, you may be concerned about what this means for you and your future with your child. Regardless of the side on which you may find yourself, experienced legal representation is essential. At Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., our lawyers work with a variety of individuals who are working through the complexities of relocation. Our clients may be moving in-state, out of state or internationally. The greater the distance, the more complex the law becomes.

Dedicated Child Relocation Attorneys Serving Northern New Jersey

Our child relocation attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients understand how the law functions. Taking a team approach to each case, we are constantly assessing if your choices serve the best interests of your children. We know you want what is best for them, and we are dedicated to help you determine what this looks like. We do this by providing practical, straightforward solutions to your problems, regardless of how complex they may seem.

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