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Is Your Child Support Agreement Fulfilling The Needs Of Your Child?

There are two primary goals for child support. First and foremost, the court prioritizes your child’s best interests. Secondarily, the court tries to ensure that any support agreement also protects the parents’ long-term financial health. The ideal result is a child support agreement that adequately provides for your child’s needs without becoming an undue burden on either parent.

Our West Caldwell child support attorneys commit their efforts to your success and your children’s future. Contact our firm today and get the guidance you need.

What Factors Does The Court Consider?

In New Jersey, the court determines child support through litigation or the parties arrive at a child support resolution through mediation using New Jersey state guidelines. We help you evaluate your particular circumstances and the needs of your children, advocating for an agreement that is economical, fair and practical. Major determining factors include:

  • Gross monthly incomes
  • Medical and educational needs of your children
  • Parenting time
  • Extraordinary expenses

Children’s best interests are the priority for the court, so sculpting agreements that will be upheld requires the guidance of a child support lawyer who can adhere to the New Jersey child support guidelines, while also working to solidify resolutions in your best interests.

We Fight For What Is Best For You And Your Child

The legal team at our family law firm focuses on you and your family’s long-term well-being. We understand that both child and parental financial health are important and help you achieve a child support agreement that provides for your family. Email or call us today at 973-852-3346 to speak with an attorney.


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