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Struggles to get parents to pay child support

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2013 | Child Support

For whatever reasons, parents do not always pay their court-ordered child support obligations.  Some parents either cannot or will not make these payments.

One mother tells about her former husband owing $11,000 in back child support, and she doesn’t expect to be paid it back soon.  The father of her three children is unemployed, lives at an unknown address and also has a warrant out for his arrest.  Because of financial constraints, the mother will likely be forced to move out of her house and into an apartment.

There are ways of punishing a parent who doesn’t pay on his or her obligations.  That individual can be incarcerated, but to put someone in jail will not likely help the parent owed the money.  When someone is in jail there are no wages to garnish.

There are ways that parents can collect on the child support, however.  In New Jersey, a parent can file a motion for enforcement of a child support decree.  The filing fee for such a motion is $30.  However, in exceptional cases this filing fee can be waived.  The other method is getting law enforcement involved.  Actions could then be taken such as the suspending of the non-custodial parent’s professional license, suspending the driver’s license, placing liens on tax refunds or garnishing wages.

One parent owed back child support suggested that you never take such payments for granted if the other parent is not dependable to begin with.  Unfortunately, not all parents can be depended upon to make their payments.

It is true that many child support payment disputes can be resolved without the need of an attorney if both parents can communicate with each other.  This is generally the best method for resolving all disputes.  However, there are circumstances where having the services of an attorney may prove the best possible option to resolve a child support matter.

The idea behind child support payments is to make certain the needs of the child are met.  Child support is too important of a matter to allow a parent to make payments on whim.

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