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Warrants served in New Jersey concerning back child support

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Child Support

It’s unfortunately common for certain parents to refuse to abide by their court-ordered child support obligations. One New Jersey County recently arrested 25 individuals in a sweep concerning child support warrants that were issued by the court.

There were said to have been 33 non-support warrants served on non-custodial parents by this county. Another six individuals were charged concerning outstanding warrants. Officials at the sheriff’s office had attempted to locate and serve as many as 63 active warrants. For those individuals arrested, they were brought to court, ordered to pay on their obligations or abide by a court-ordered payment schedule.

The amount of back child support owed by each individual arrested is not known. With the Sheriffs’ Association of New Jersey being the lead agency, this sweep was also accomplished with the cooperation of the New Jersey Office of Child Support Services.

Family law attorneys are often required to pursue non-custodial parents owing back child support. This failure to pay child support ultimately can be destructive for the entire family.

These disagreements over child support can be particularly trying because parents are too often more concerned about disputes they are having with the other parent rather than doing what is best for the children. The family law attorney often needs to step in to suggest strategies that will help eliminate disagreements and disputes.

In certain circumstances this can involve negotiation. In others, it can mean bringing the child support matter to the attention of the court. Ultimately, it’s the courts that will likely decide which of the two spouses is in the right concerning these child support disputes.

Source: Shore News Today, “25 in Cape May County charged in child support sweep,” Dec. 16, 2013


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