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New Jersey casino altercation leads to domestic violence charges

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2014 | Family Law

Troubles within a family can be emotionally taxing, and they can also lead to legal issues for the parties involved. Whether it is a divorce, child custody dispute or domestic violence incident, family law issues are often emotional and complicated. Many of these affairs are settled in New Jersey courts, and the outcome can bring further difficulties, such as high child support payments or loss of visitation rights. Regardless of the events that spark family law issues, it is important for the parties to seek a positive outcome for themselves and their children.

In New Jersey, NFL running back Ray Rice is facing charges for domestic violence and simple assault after allegedly striking his fiancée in a casino in Atlantic City. The fiancée is facing the same two charges for her role in the conflict. The unmarried couple was arrested after casino surveillance captured an altercation between the two, though specific aspects of the attacks remain unknown.

Although there is no way to say how the couple’s future together will unfold, a conviction for assault or domestic violence can result in complications for the couple down the road. These types of crimes are often considered in other family law cases. Since the couple is engaged, if they do continue with their plans to marry, domestic violence charges can drastically impact divorce proceedings if they ever find themselves in that situation.

If you find yourself involved in family law issues, it is important for you to understand your rights and the options available to you. The first step toward reaching a suitable outcome is to learn about New Jersey laws and the possible outcomes of your personal situation.

Source: Miami Herald, “Ravens’ Rice charged with assaulting fiancee,” Feb. 19, 2014


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