New Jersey men allegedly used strong-arm tactics to force divorce

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File this one under truth is stranger than fiction. Two New Jersey men have been arrested and charged with kidnapping after they allegedly used strong-arm tactics to force an Orthodox Jewish man to divorce his wife. We know divorce is a time of high emotion, but this case took it well beyond emotions.

It began in November 2009 when one of the suspects allegedly called the man to offer him a job opportunity in Lakewood. After a few days on the job, the suspect requested that the man stay late for a one-on-one meeting. That night, while walking to his car, the man was hustled into a nearby van, duct-taped, bound with zip ties and beaten. The attackers used a stun gun on his genitals and fingers in an attempt to get him to agree to a divorce from his wife.

In Orthodox Jewish Law, a wife needs what’s called a “get,” a document or testament given by the husband granting the divorce. The man’s assailants set up a video camera and, after more physical abuse, convinced the man to say the requisite words they needed to secure a “get.” Once they had what they wanted, they reportedly threw the man out of the van, who then made his way to a house. He was then taken to the hospital where he was treated for a bruised spine, broken ribs and other injuries.

The suspects were arrested after the victim saw a picture of one of the two men and identified him as the attacker. Both men are facing a fine of $250,000 and life in prison if convicted and given the maximum sentence.

While a lawyer wouldn’t employ these same tactics, if you’re looking for a divorce, a New Jersey attorney may be able to secure a favorable outcome via peaceable means.

Source:, “Stun guns used to force Orthodox divorce, N.J. prosecutors say,” Stephanie Loder, May 15, 2014

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