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Parenting plans in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2014 | Family Law

Parents in New Jersey may benefit from reviewing some of the state laws that govern parenting time and custody. The state recognizes that divorce and separation can have significant effects on the relationships between parents and children. The Child Access and Parenting Time Advisory Group published a pamphlet focused on providing information about parenting plans as well as potential remedies for disputes over visitation rights.

Parenting plans are designed to be amicable for both parents while keeping in mind the child’s best interests. According to the state’s literature, parenting plans may define a parent’s involvement in religious rearing, health care, education, financial support and decision-making. Plans also define custody and visitation rights. If parents are not able to come to mutual agreement in developing a parenting plan, a judge may determine the parameters of the plan.

Parents may also file a motion to receive assistance from a family court mediator or meet with a counselor, lawyer or private mediator to try and develop a plan that is amicable for both parties. After the plan has been drafted, it needs to be filed as an order with family court before it can be approved. Regularity, continuity and consistency are often top priorities for parenting plans that involve younger children.

Parents who need help developing a sound parenting plan or modifying a current plan may benefit from contacting a family law attorney. Legal counsel can assist with negotiating terms of child support, visitation schedules and child custody arrangements.

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