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New Jersey residents may consider child custody modifications

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Child Custody

Worrying about the welfare of their children is a feeling that many New Jersey parents will always experience. When parents divorce and one parent gains primary custody, the non-custodial parent may worry about what goes on with his or her children when they are with the custodial parent. In many situations, there is no need for the worry, but under some circumstances, some parents may express warranted concern over child custody situations.

Jon Gosselin has recently expressed concern over the well-being of one of his daughters after she reportedly claimed that her mother — who has custody of Gosselin’s eight children — was treating her cruelly. There were no specific details as to what this cruel behavior may have entailed, but the young girl apparently did not wish to return home to her mother after visiting with her father. As a result, Gosselin kept the daughter in his custody.

The girl did return home with her mother later as Gosselin did not have a court order to take custody. It was reported that he plans to seek modifications to the custody agreement in order to gain custody of the girl. It was also noted that the children’s mother had been previously accused of potentially abusive actions.

Child custody issues can be very delicate situations to address. If there is no change in the circumstances under which the agreement was first made, it is likely that modifications will not come about. However, if a concerned New Jersey parent in a similar situation can prove that changes have taken place and that there is cause for modifying the agreement, steps may be taken to alter custody terms.

Source: In Touch Weekly, “EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin Seeking Full Custody of 11-Year-Old Daughter Hannah“, May 13, 2015


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