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Social media putting marriages at risk

On Behalf of | May 6, 2015 | Divorce

For those in New Jersey and across the country who want to keep their marriages and relationships happy, it might be a good idea to stay away from social media sites. A survey of British participants who were all married found that one in seven participants had thought about divorce after viewing their spouse’s activity on social media.

Almost 25 percent of survey participants stated that they fight with their spouse at least one time a week over social media while 17 percent admitted to fighting every day. The survey also highlighted that almost 58 percent knew their spouse’s passwords to their social media account. Some stated their spouses were not aware they knew their passwords.

A 2010 survey of divorce attorneys found that 81 percent had seen an increase of divorce cases where social media was introduced as evidence. Facebook was said to be the main social media site used. Of those attorneys, 66 percent stated they had been successful in locating incriminating evidence by simply reviewing the site.

The rules regarding the use of social media in divorce cases are complex. Not everything is admissible, and certain postings on social media can be interpreted different ways depending upon the reader’s understanding. In addition, social media is still relatively new and evolving all the time. There are new networking sites created all the time that each bring a different spin on social media. Therefore, the rules governing what is admissible are constantly changing. Before filing a divorce case based on the social media behavior of a spouse, it could be helpful to consult an attorney with experience in these matters.


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