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New Jersey parents may want to keep child support records

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2015 | Child Support

After divorce, many New Jersey parents must handle issues surrounding child custody and support. Parents want to ensure that their children are being well taken care of and that child support paid by the non-custodial parent is going toward meeting the needs of the children. Because support can often cause issues between parents, individuals may want to ensure that they keep records of payments and expenses.

A recent article addressed the uses of an app that may be helpful for child support. It was reported that the app allowed parents to connect digitally in order to request money, share expense information and track payments. It could potentially be a way for parents to ensure that they are receiving the correct amount of money and that money is being spent in the proper manner.

Being able to keep track of payments and expenses can also be helpful if an argument does arise. There may be situations in which parents believe that money is not being spent on children as they had agreed, and a parent may feel the need to take the issue to court. In such a situation, having records of transactions can be helpful to prove whether money was spent as agreed.

Even parents who divorce amicably can feel the tension that comes along with child support and other money issues. Therefore, finding agreeable ways to handle child-relating expenses could have a substantial impact on the way that tension is handled. However, if disagreements come about, parents may want to better understand how support disputes and potential modifications of existing court orders may be handled in a New Jersey court.

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