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Cooperative child custody may be helpful for New Jersey parents

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2015 | Child Custody

Going through divorce can be difficult for New Jersey residents, especially if they are parents. When discussing child custody terms, parents will likely want to work toward agreements that will be best for the children. Nonetheless, some parents may be worried about missing important aspects of their children’s lives. If this is the case, co-parenting may be an option to consider.

This type of custody arrangement can allow for both parents to spend close to equal time with their children. This type of arrangement could also be particularly beneficial to young children as they start the new school year. Both parents may be able to actively participate in their children’s school activities and show support for their children despite no longer being married.

This collaborative custody arrangement could potentially help parents miss fewer events by continuing to attend them together when appropriate. For example, parent-teacher conferences could be an opportunity in which the presence of both parents may be warranted. Additionally, parents can feel involved by splitting costs of school supplies, sharing event calendars and attending extracurricular activities such as sporting events. Taking time to discuss the children’s needs in school and in their separate homes could also be a step in effective co-parenting.

Though not all circumstances will allow for such a custody agreement, co-parenting could be a beneficial option to consider. New Jersey parents may wish to find out how this type of child custody agreement works and assess their situation to determine whether the parents could feasibly work together after divorce. Information is available from family law sources for individuals who are interested.

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