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Divorce could affect career decisions in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2015 | Family Law

When New Jersey residents go through divorce, they likely understand that it is a situation that will affect the rest of their lives. Particularly, older individuals who have been married for a considerable amount of time may find that their divorce has a greater impact on their situations. If an individual is considering a new job prospect, he or she may wonder whether he or she should take the job due to divorce agreements.

If an individual is receiving or making alimony payments, he or she may wonder whether a change in job and/or income could affect the payments. Some parties may not want to pay more and some recipients may not have to have their payments reduced due to an income increase. However, alimony may not last until a party reaches retirement age, and therefore, going for the new job may be beneficial.

Some individuals may have similar thoughts pertaining to child support. It is true that if an individual who receives child support gets a job, there may be a reduction in the child support amount. However, in many cases, the reduction is not so substantial that it will cause a major issue, and the individual will have an income of his or her own with which to work.

Changes after divorce can be difficult. There are many factors that may need to be considered that individuals who have not divorced may not have to think about. However, parties likely do not want their divorce to hold them back in the future, and therefore, they may find information regarding alimony and child support modifications in New Jersey helpful if they are considering a career change.

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