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Child custody battles could be harmful to New Jersey children

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2015 | Child Custody

New Jersey parents and children can be considerably affected by divorce proceedings. Parents may think that they need to fight for the child custody terms that they want in order to ensure that the best interests of their children are upheld. However, child custody disputes could prove to be detrimental for all parties involved, especially if the proceedings take an extended period of time to conclude.

It is not unusual for child custody proceedings to be tense, especially if divorcing parents do not agree on terms. If the case is moving through the court system, the decision may come down to the judge presiding over the case. In such a situation, the judge will likely rule in the manner that he or she believes would be best for the children. However, because that individual will likely not have extensive knowledge of the family, the decision may not truly be best for the children.

Aside from the courtroom aspect of the case, child custody battles could take an emotional toll on the children. They may believe that their parents would rather spend time fighting rather than actually caring for them. Even if parents believe that they are not bringing the fight home, children can still pick up on tension and stress that is not directly expressed.

Some may believe that fighting for what they want is the only way to achieve a reasonable goal. However, parties typically benefit by considering more aspects of a case than simply what they want personally. By more fully understanding how children can be impacted, New Jersey parents may wish to move through their child custody proceedings in the smoothest manner possible. Consulting with an experienced family law attorney may help concerned parents understand their options.

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