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New Jersey residents may consider appealing property distribution

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Divorce

When New Jersey residents are going through divorce, it is likely that they will be concerned over who will maintain ownership of certain assets. Property distribution can often be stressful and tense, and, in some cases, parties may not be able to come to terms on their own. In such situations, court rulings may determine who will walk away with which pieces of property. However, certain decisions may warrant an appeal.

It was recently reported that a man in another state went to an appellate court after his divorce. Apparently, during the proceedings, his ex-wife had been awarded a 1994 Corvette that had been the man’s property. It was also noted that if the man wanted the car back he would have to pay the woman $13,000.

During his appeal of that decision, the man argued that his grandparents had given him the car 16 years before he had married the woman. He also stated that the two had not used the vehicle together while they were married, and, therefore, he should have maintained ownership of the car. The court sided with the man, and the vehicle was returned to him without the $13,000 payment.

Property distribution can leave individuals feeling at a loss. However, if individuals feel that divorce court rulings were not fair for their situations, they may wish to determine if they have cause to seek modifications of the terms through appeals. Information from experienced divorce attorneys may help New Jersey residents better understand their divorce rulings and whether taking additional actions may suit their circumstances.

Source: ABC News, “Man Wins Custody of ’94 Corvette in Alabama Divorce Case”, Dec. 11, 2015


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