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New Year could mean divorce in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2015 | Family Law

As the New Year quickly approaches, many New Jersey residents may be considering ways in which they would like to change and/or improve their lives. For some parties, this consideration may bring them to the decision to file for divorce. Though the end of the year is often a low point for the number of divorce filings, those numbers reportedly spike after the first of the year.

It was recently reported that many individuals begin divorce proceedings in January because they want to have a fresh start. It was also noted that many of the parties who approach a divorce attorney are already set on going through with the process. This information may mean that individuals are not fully planning ahead before deciding to divorce.

Though many individuals likely do not want to spend their marriages thinking about divorce, at least some pre-planning could be beneficial. Parties may be able to learn more about what a potential divorce could mean for them financially and regarding other aspects of their lives. By having this information and other knowledge that could come along with planning and preparation, parties may be better equipped to handle their proceedings appropriately.

If New Jersey residents are thinking about divorce as part of their New Year’s changes, they may wish to ensure that they are prepared for what such a step could mean. Information on the various options and aspects that could be addressed during the process could help individuals make more informed decisions. Additionally, consulting with an experienced family law attorney could help in gaining knowledge on the coming divorce proceedings.

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