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New Jersey parents may hope for fair child custody consideration

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2016 | Child Custody

Many New Jersey parents want to be in their children’s lives as much as possible. Unfortunately, divorce can make family situations more difficult if child custody agreements do not revolve around joint custody. Though shared custody and co-parenting are much more common, some individuals may still feel as if they do not get fair consideration during custody proceedings.

It was recently reported that fathers in another state were hoping to achieve more equal custody rulings. Some of those individuals believe that they are not being fairly considered during court proceedings and that mothers are automatically believed to be more fit as a custodial parent. One man stated that some custody rulings make for absentee fathers because they are only able to see their kids every other weekend.

Some individuals believe that the presumption that mothers are the superior parent is no longer as prevalent as it may have been in the past. Indeed, courts are considered more likely to be gender neutral when making decisions regarding the best interest of the child or children involved. In many cases, rulings may be based on how active each parent is and has been in the children’s lives.

If New Jersey residents are concerned with child custody issues and whether they will be treated fairly, they may wish to become more knowledgeable about the proceedings. Information on how to work toward the terms that are desired and how to potentially make modifications in the future may be helpful to interested parents. Additionally, discussing specific situations with an experienced family law attorney could help in gaining a better understanding concerning one’s unique circumstances.

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