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New Jersey parents may find help through child support app

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2016 | Child Support

Having disagreements is a common part of relationships. However, in some cases, continual disagreements may lead to the ending of a marriage, and if New Jersey residents have children, additional issues may continue to arise even after divorce. One of the most common topics that could cause issue is child support. Luckily, there may be options for individuals to consider that may be able to help them reduce the potential for in-person arguments.

It was recently reported that an app called SupportPay may help parents discuss their child support issues through the app rather than having to communicate in person. It is no secret that many individuals may not be adept at remaining amicable after divorce, and this app may cause parents to have less reason to argue. When using the app, parents are able to upload receipts in order for both parties to have the ability to view expenses and how they may be split between them.

Additionally, if parents continue to have concerns regarding expenses, they may be able to use the app to offer alternative solutions to taking care of expenses. By keeping communication over finances limited to nonverbal interactions, individuals may be better able to review their responses in attempts to avoid unnecessary conflict. This visual representation of expenses could also help the likelihood that parents will make their payments as they may feel more secure in knowing what their payments will be covering.

Child support is often needed by New Jersey parents to help with child care expenses, but it can also be a point of contention between parents. If communication efforts are not returned or do not help resolve issues, parents may need to take additional action. Consulting with their legal counsel may help them determine whether seeking modifications to their agreements may be warranted and whether such action could potentially help their circumstances.

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