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Osbourne split brings up unique divorce matters

On Behalf of | May 18, 2016 | High Asset Divorce

The reported divorce of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne makes for a celebrity story, sure. However, the supposed celebrity split is more than a simple pop culture story. The possible end of their marriage presents various unique points of discussion within the realm of family law.

First, the Osbourne divorce highlights the national trend of “gray divorce,” when couples who are older choose to divorce later in life. Gray divorces often require special care because of the proximity individuals are to retirement. The matters of property division and retirement funds can create heightened anxiety since the parties have hopes to maintain a similar living standard and to retire. What if they could no longer afford those goals?

Sharon and Ozzy are probably not as concerned about affording retirement as most couples in New Jersey divorce cases would be. They are famous and are likely more than financially comfortable. Both will likely continue to live as they like even after their divorce.

In many divorces, one partner might be worried about their future financial status if they made career sacrifices to, for example, raise their family. The lesser-earner might fear and even avoid divorce because they worry about having to give up a standard of living with which they’ve become accustomed. Finding a job when one is near retirement age and hasn’t worked for some time can be extremely daunting.

In the Osbournes’ case, this is also likely not a concern for either Sharon or Ozzy. Sharon has served as her husband’s manager for decades. CNN reports that Ozzy hopes Sharon will remain his manager even if they split. Being that Sharon has clearly contributed to the Ozzy Osbourne success, she likely is entitled to at least an equal portion of the duo’s assets.

Every divorce case is unique. Financial situations vary from case to case. Divorcing individuals have unique goals and feelings about the process. Most people are not as financially confident as the Osbournes are, but that doesn’t mean there is no hope for a happier, stable future once a marriage is over. Let a family law attorney listen to your concerns and your hopes and explain whether they can help serve your best interests.


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