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Are there seasons for divorce?

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Divorce

A recent study suggests that a connection exists between vacations and marriages that are ending. Part of what the study discovered is that divorce filings tend to peak in August and March of each year. It was the proximity of these months to the end of winter and summer vacation periods for families here in New Jersey and across the country that intrigued researchers.

In analyzing the data researchers gathered, they concluded that some couples hope that a family vacation is what is needed in order to mend the marriage. However, upon returning home, reality sets back in, and the couple realizes that the problems remain. Looking at filing in the month of August, it was determined that many parents want to start the divorce process before children return to school.

The peak in filings during March once again comes after families have traveled for the holidays or entertained family and friends. Once life returned to normal, couples begin filing for divorce in large numbers. These conclusions appear to go along with the prevailing theory that parents do not want to ruin family vacations and holidays for the children or their families by announcing their intentions to divorce.

Regardless of when a New Jersey couple decides to divorce, it will have a significant impact on their friends and loved ones. How the couple decides to end their marriage can either increase or decrease the challenges of the transition that will occur. Change is inevitable when separating their lives, but how they make that change happen often makes all the difference for each of them and any children involved.

Source:, “Divorce is seasonal, peaks following family vacations“, Hannah Nichols, Aug. 21, 2016


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