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Child abuse allegations surface in Pitt-Jolie divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2016 | Divorce

Controversy has surrounded the union between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie since its inception. When Jolie filed for divorce, it made the news here in New Jersey and around the world. The shock of that announcement would have been enough for many fans of the couple, but now that news is being overshadowed by allegations of child abuse against Pitt.

Allegedly, Pitt became physically and verbally abusive to the children on a private plane. The onslaught supposedly continued even after the plane landed. Many are now speculating that this is the reason that Jolie filed for divorce and sole custody of the couple’s six children, which happened to be the day after this incident is said to have occurred.

If the information provided to news media is true, Jolie joins millions of parents across the country who are unwilling to allow their children to be hurt by the other parent. Like Jolie, these parents also seek sole custody in order to prevent their children from suffering any additional harm. If necessary, they are often willing to endure a court battle in order to make that happen.

It will more than likely be necessary to provide the court with evidence of the abuse and to challenge any evidence to the contrary that might be submitted to the court by the other parent. Parents here in New Jersey who are seeking sole custody in a divorce due to allegations of child abuse would benefit from seeking the advice and assistance of counsel. Doing so will not only help ensure that the appropriate documentation is filed and deadlines are met, but it could also allow a parent to focus on helping the children through such a difficult time in their lives.

Source: USA Today, “Child abuse claims help poison Brangelina divorce“, Maria Puente and Lorena Blas, Sept. 23, 2016


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