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Family law issues can be complex and frustrating without help

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2016 | Family Law

Few New Jersey residents who want a divorce are truly ready for the emotional roller coaster ride that could follow. In the midst of this, numerous issues need to be decided before the divorce proceedings are concluded. It can be frustrating and complicated to handle all of these family law issues without help.

If the parties have a prenuptial agreement, their property division and support issues might already be resolved. Without one, however, these issues will need to be resolved, along with any child custody and child support negotiations if the parties have children. Many New Jersey courts encourage couples to negotiate their own settlements.

Mediation can be helpful in this regard. It allows the parties to maintain control over how their futures will look and often keeps costs down. However, if the parties are unable to resolve their issues on their own such as in the case of domestic abuse, the courts are there to intervene. The important thing for couples to remember is that they do not — and often should not — have to go through the proceedings alone. Having help and guidance through mediation and/or court proceedings is essential to help ensure that all of the parties’ issues are resolved and the settlement or decree is properly drafted, executed and presented to the court.

When the parties are willing to try to work out their issues without the intervention of the court, a family law attorney can help them put aside the emotional aspects of the divorce. This way, they can focus on looking toward the future and creating a settlement with which both can be satisfied. Thereafter, it can be presented to the court for approval, which should be forthcoming so long as it does not violate public policy or current law.


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