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The Lindemuth divorce is all about lawyers, guns and money

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | High Asset Divorce

Intent to deceive does indeed spin a tangled web — one that may be difficult to maintain under inspection. Divorce can be complicated enough, however; add bankruptcy issues, and it can become a minefield that is precarious to navigate. Most New Jersey residents will lead relatively simple and uneventful lives compared to some wealthy business magnates.

Kent Lindemuth, an affluent businessman in another state, is being divorced by his wife, Vikki. The couple had filed for joint bankruptcy at an unspecified time, with estimated assets worth $16 to $17 million against real estate debts estimated at $15 to $16 million. The waters have since become muddied by the allegation that, after the bankruptcy filing, Kent purchased thousands of firearms worth approximately $1.4 million. His wife filed for divorce in September 2016, around three months after her husband was formally charged with multiple counts of bankruptcy fraud and other serious crimes.

Vikki is now trying to sever herself from the joint bankruptcy plan, stating that she had no idea of her husband’s firearm purchases during the time that the bankruptcy was pending. In addition, she has alleged that her husband has made threats against her, leaving messages on her phone demanding that she settles the divorce on his terms. Vikki also alleges that her estranged husband has visited the home of her elderly mother, to compel the mother to pass on the same messages to her daughter, again using threats against Vikki as an incentive.

In this instance, the issues of divorce and bankruptcy are so intertwined that it makes the division of assets more complex than the majority of New Jersey residents would normally experience. It is helpful to gather together as much relevant paperwork as possible, in preparation for any future discussions. Whatever the circumstances, seeking the appropriate advice is advisable in order to move forward.

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