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Yes, you can get divorced in West Caldwell

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Divorce

If you live in Essex County, the you know that getting a divorce right now is a bit complicated. However, with the right help, it’s not impossible. Even though courts placed a stay on hearing more divorce cases for the time being, you can still achieve your divorce goals with divorce mediation.

This is good news for your divorce in more ways than one. Many couples throughout the country choose divorce mediation over traditionally litigated divorce. In general, mediated divorces are often more amicable and the resulting settlements are more mutually satisfactory.

No matter what your divorce may look like, proper legal guidance can help you mediate it and move on to a fresh season of life, without having to wait on the local court system to begin hearing cases again.

How can mediation help you?

One key benefit is drawing many couples to mediation throughout Essex and Passaic counties right now. Simply put, mediation enjoys a specific legal feature that allows spouses to reach a legally viable divorce through the process without stepping foot in a courtroom.

Instead of arguing in front of a judge, couples can sit down in a private setting with a mediator trained to help each side reach a fair settlement.

The mediator’s training ensures that there are no legal stones left overturned that may sabotage the divorce. This way each spouse can rest assured that the agreement they reach is truly fair because the mediator is impartial. Also, the mediator can legally prepare their settlement and guide them through the steps of filing for divorce, avoiding any courtroom litigation.

Not only is it one of the best and fairest ways to pursue divorce, it is one of the only options for spouses in Essex and Passaic counties at the moment.

What if we have complex assets?

Mediation can deliver excellent results, even when you and your spouse face dividing a high-asset estate or particularly complicated assets, such as a business.

Ultimately, you still receive high-quality legal guidance, and you may even have your own independent legal counsel through the process (and, in many cases, you should).

It comes down to how motivated you and your spouse are to finalize your divorce quickly and equitably, and how willing you each are to compromise for this goal.

Don’t wait to make a fresh start

Even while the court systems around here refuse to hear more divorce cases, you have options. If you know that divorce is on the table, don’t wait for things to sour even further. The longer you wait, the more difficulty you may have in reaching fair agreements with your spouse.

The good news is that you can get to work on your fair divorce settlement as soon as you reach out to an experienced, qualified attorney. With proper legal counsel, you can achieve your divorce goals despite the hold on new divorce hearings, and keep your rights secured in the process.


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