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Divorce is a full-time occupation

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2017 | Divorce

There are many things that can put strain on a marriage. Many New Jersey residents will be unsurprised that financial troubles and health problems can cause divorce. Certain professions can also cause problems within a marriage due to a number of different reasons.

Recent analysis of the U.S. Census Data showed that, among military-enlisted supervisors, divorce rates could be as high as 30 percent. The job carries responsibility for leading military operations and coordinating the activities of personnel, and those who serve in the military are often away from home for extended periods. Surprisingly, non-military careers such as logisticians and mechanics are among the next highest divorce rate occupations.

The most common pressures on relationships are often time or finance related. Some jobs require long working hours, if not time spent completely absent from home. Those whose pay rates are low may struggle to make ends meet without committing to a heavy workload. Those in the military may also work in areas that put personnel in danger on a regular basis, or be subjected to frequent upheaval as families are obliged to move from one posting to another. Even upon leaving the military, those whose physical or mental health has been affected by their experiences may find that their marriages continue to suffer as a result.

Whatever occupation New Jersey residents are in, those whose marriages have come to an end will naturally find it painful and upsetting. Seeking emotional support from family and friends will help one to heal over time. Appropriate advice on how to navigate divorce can make the process smoother and will also help one to find the best way forward financially.

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