Protect Your Time With Your Child

Children’s security and emotional support throughout the divorce process are critical. The separation of parents is a wrenching experience for children of any age. Careful planning and sensitivity regarding their development, education and relationships with both parents is essential. You can be sure that child custody and parenting time agreements are carefully developed with an experienced divorce lawyer as your advocate.

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How New Jersey Determines Child Custody And Parenting Time

We will work to protect your parental rights, and we will assess your unique situation to craft legal and physical custody agreements that provide fairness and stability concerning family dynamics, work schedules and children’s activities and schooling.

Child custody and parenting time is a delicate part of the family law case, and the best interests of the children are paramount. We can help you understand the differences between physical and legal custody and between sole and shared parenting-time agreements. Our attorneys create parenting-time plans that consider your desires and support the best interests of children while fostering strong family bonds. By working closely with you and providing personalized, tailored legal services, we can maximize the likelihood of achieving your child custody, visitation and parenting time-sharing goals.

What Happens If Someone Relocates?

Relocation of a child, either outside a certain radius from your current address in New Jersey or outside the state, is a difficult decision for a parent. It is also an issue that arises frequently during or after a divorce. One parent may seek to move away with a child due to job demands or other reasons. The other parent may claim that the move is only for the convenience of the relocating parent, designed to adversely impact the parenting rights of the objecting parent or the move will not serve the best interests of the child in some other way. We will fight hard to ensure that our clients do not lose precious time with their children. We protect their rights and the rights of their children.

Get Careful And Attentive Representation

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