Aggressive Domestic Violence Restraining Order Representation

Allegations or incidents of domestic violence may lead to family court disputes involving restraining orders in New Jersey. When a person seeks and obtains a temporary restraining order, the issue is placed on the court calendar for a formal hearing. During this emotional time, individuals on both sides of these matters may focus exclusively on their own feelings and knowledge of the circumstances surrounding their domestic relationship, or an incident that may have led to a temporary restraining order.

Seek Representation To Avoid Pitfalls In A Formal Restraining Order Hearing Or Trial

There is a vast difference between what may be necessary to obtain a temporary order and a final restraining order. Many people who face these disputes are under stress and their emotions may overcome an effective presentation before a judge. Whether you are seeking the protection of an order, or are accused of being the aggressor in a domestic violence dispute, it is prudent to seek the representation of a domestic violence restraining order trial attorney. Note that restraining order matters are not necessarily always resolved in an all or nothing fashion. An alternative outcome may involve what is known as civil restraints.

Concerns related to domestic violence charges frequently involve the physical and mental health of everyone involved. At Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., we represent individuals and families throughout New Jersey on both sides of domestic violence allegations. Based in West Caldwell, we can provide you with legal representation and advocacy anywhere in the state.

Our domestic violence legal team includes experienced lawyers who know how to prepare and present your story to a judge in a final hearing. We work one-on-one with our clients to learn the big picture – as well as the fine details – to prepare a strong strategy and fight for optimal results. Our insight and experience also takes into account the long-range consequences that restraining orders, or civil restraints, have on future family court proceedings that may impact child custody and parenting time issues.

Effects Of Domestic Violence Charges And Restraining Orders

Domestic violence charges and restraining orders can have a dramatic impact on divorce proceedings. They can accomplish the following:

  • Protect a spouse and family from harm
  • Prohibit the offender from returning home, visiting children or taking possessions
  • Provide a parent with temporary custody of children and temporary possession of the home, in addition to a financial support order
  • Provide for supervised parenting time

A final hearing for a domestic violence restraining order, as well as the provisions sought for a final restraining order – or civil restraint order – create a court record that may have a ripple effect for custody disputes and potential modification of custody order disputes down the line. It is important to work with a legal team that understands the immediate impact, as well as the future potential consequences, that the family court record may have when children are involved in the damaged relationship of the parents in a domestic dispute.

Domestic violence is an issue that everyone at Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., takes seriously. We will fight hard to protect our clients from any abuse, whether it be physical or otherwise. Domestic violence cannot be tolerated.

Misuse Of Domestic Violence Charges And Restraining Orders

Conversely, domestic violence charges, restraining orders and child abuse allegations are often abused or used vindictively by a spouse seeking the upper hand in a contentious divorce or child custody case. Our attorneys have the knowledge, experience and resources to assist clients with fighting or obtaining final restraining orders. We have significant experience in defending unwarranted allegations of domestic violence.

As committed Essex County, Bergen County, Morris County and northern New Jersey domestic violence attorneys, we will build a case based on the facts of evidence, witness interviews and thorough preparation. Contact our law firm in West Caldwell today to speak with one of our experienced attorneys. Call us at 973-852-3346.

Our Trial Lawyers Have Been Down The Road

Past results for a lawyer are never a guarantee of a future outcome. For that reason, our attorneys step up and stand strong to advocate for each client we serve. The depth and breadth of experience our lawyers have in the courtroom benefits each new client, as we have been down the road before judges in Bergen County, Essex County and throughout the region.

We know the law in New Jersey, as well as how the participants in the system – including judges and opposing counsel – may approach domestic violence disputes. We remain agile to pivot when the opposing side presents surprises. Our experience in preparing an effective trial strategy allows us to maintain focus and hit the proper notes in local courtrooms throughout New Jersey.

Attorneys Bart Lombardo, Karen Tichenor Willitts, and Elsie Gonzalez are accomplished trial lawyers who are highly sought after due to their ability and willingness to fight for clients. We understand the gravity of these matters and your desire to be heard. Each member of our legal team will go to trial when it is necessary to safeguard the rights, interests, freedom and futures of our clients.

Experienced And Aggressive Representation On Your Side

Ensuring the safety of you and your children is our top priority. If you need to file a petition for an order of protection or a restraining order, our lawyers can help you obtain an enforceable order. If you have been kicked out of your home with no access to your children or your possessions, we will take aggressive action to help you gain reasonable access, develop a parenting plan and defend you against domestic violence allegations.

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