Same-Sex Relationship Legal Representation

While same-sex marriage is now legal in every state, changes in the law both at a state and federal level regarding same-sex relationships will continue. It is important to have a lawyer on your side, who understands how family law courts rule and can anticipate how courts will interpret the new rules pertaining to same-sex relationships. The attorneys at Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., understand family law and keep ourselves updated regarding legal trends. We have experience dealing with a wide variety of family law issues in Essex County and throughout the New Jersey courts, and we understand how to resolve disputes through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation. While providing you with dedicated representation, we handle sensitive family law matters with the utmost care.

The Issues That Same-Sex Couples Face

Though same-sex couples mostly face the same legal issues that opposite-sex couples face, these couples have long faced legal challenges that other couples do not face. While same-sex couples now can marry, the laws concerning matters such as adoption, separation and divorce continue to evolve. We provide guidance regarding cases involving:

  • Issues of an existing civil union and the intent to obtain a marital license
  • The intent to move out of state where laws may conflict with those in New Jersey
  • Legal issues that may arise when moving to New Jersey from another state due to conflicting laws
  • The handling of same-sex adoption cases
  • Child custody issues concerning same-sex couples experiencing separation and divorce
  • Divorce and alimony issues concerning same-sex couples
  • Complex property division issues — particularly for couples in long-term relationships that began prior to the same-sex marriage
  • Preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements for same-sex couples

At Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., we understand the legal obstacles you may face. As every circumstance is unique, we work to understand your situation and give you a forthright assessment of what you can expect from the legal process. Whatever the legal matter, we will be aggressive advocates for you.

Contact Our Law Office With Any Questions Or Concerns

While family law issues are potentially contentious under many circumstances, these issues may prove to be even more complicated for same-sex couples. At Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., we can serve as legal advocates, mediators, advisers and economic evaluators regarding same-sex family law cases. Email our office or call us at 973-852-3346 to schedule an initial consultation.