Appealing An Unfair Family Court Ruling

It’s common for one party to be disappointed or angry about the outcome of divorce or child custody litigation. But if the trial proceedings were patently unfair to you, there may be grounds for you to appeal that adverse result.

Appealing a family court decision requires evidence of judicial error or other evidence that you were deprived of your right to a fair trial. The team at Cipriano Law Offices, P.C., has the sophisticated knowledge of New Jersey family law and appellate procedure to give you a second chance at justice.

Preserve your rights! There is a short window to file an appeal of your divorce or other final family court order. Contact us today if you are thinking of challenging a family court ruling. Call our office in West Caldwell at 973-852-3346.

Experienced Advocacy In Family Law Appeals

Any ruling or final decision of the family court is subject to appeal, such as: