Resolving Family Law Issues In Mediation

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that allows the parties involved to resolve their case in a manner that is best for them. It allows the parties to have control over how their case is resolved and can save significant time and money. Mediating your divorce keeps your issues private and can help maintain the stability of your home during the turmoil of a most difficult and painful time. Note that divorcing spouses may have significant disputes that can be resolved through mediation.

The willingness to negotiate the dispute is of primary importance when choosing a mediator. The third-party neutral does not represent either spouse. The mediator acts as a third party to facilitate communications, based upon the overall goals of each of the divorcing spouses.

Many people find the process of mediation empowering and less costly than bitter litigation. Mediating your child custody and parenting time issues, financial matters, property division, and all other friction points allows you to retain more control over the outcome of your divorce. Divorce litigation involves placing evidence before a judge who renders a final and binding decision. Many people have questions about mediation when facing divorce. We offer free consultations for our family law practice and can help you to make informed decisions.

Litigating a case can take months while you wait for a court date. Mediation can be completed in as little as a day. Resolving disputes amicably in mediation can also help preserve relationships, as you enter into the process with more goodwill and less animosity.

How Does Family Law Mediation Work?

If you pursue divorce or family law mediation, you and your spouse will appear, with or without lawyers, to resolve your differences outside of a courtroom. Before the meeting, you will send a confidential email to the qualified mediator outlining your issues and the way you would like them resolved.

Attorneys Melissa Cipriano, Bart Lombardo, Elsie Gonzalez, are all certified mediators. We can help you through this process. At the mediation session, you and your spouse will stay in different rooms while the mediator moves back and forth to work through conflicts and facilitate resolution. There is no judge present for the mediation process itself, although the complaint and resolution will be brought before a judge to finalize any settlement.

Why Consider Divorce Mediation?

Our team prepares every divorce case as if it will go to court litigation when we represent one individual in the divorce proceeding. We strongly advise our clients to consider the many benefits of mediation. However, we also act as the third-party neutral when divorcing couples choose to mediate their divorce. Family law and divorce mediation offers many benefits, including:

  • It offers you and the other party the opportunity to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively while protecting your best interests and those of your children.
  • Mediation reduces the timeline of the divorce proceeding.
  • It offers you greater control of the outcomes of your case. Rather than a judge making decisions, you make the decisions as long as you are willing to compromise.
  • The mediation process can reduce court fees and attorney fees.
  • Mediation protects your future financial well-being and that of your children.

Starting With Family Court Mediation

If we proceed with a divorce mediation process from the beginning, we can come to agreements between the parties before the court process of making the divorce official begins, which benefits everyone. Our legal team can file for divorce, inform the judge that all agreements have been signed and finalize the process much quicker than through any other alternative. We do not go into mediation blind or unprepared. We build an influential case on your behalf, and we are ready to take your case to court if agreements cannot be made.

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