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How a bad divorce can affect a child, even into adulthood

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Divorce

The state of a person’s health is dependent on many things. There may not be much that one can do to stave off an illness that is genetic without the intervention of medicine, and there are certain illnesses that a New Jersey resident may contract at any time in life that can have long term effects. A recent university study has shown that children whose parents go through a bad divorce may find, as a consequence, that their immune systems become more vulnerable, even into adulthood.

From their findings, it appears to apply mainly to adults whose parents not only separated when the test subjects were children, but also stopped speaking to each other. Using nasal drops to infect the subjects with a common cold virus, they discovered that adults whose parents had divorced but maintained contact with each other were as resilient to the virus as those whose families had remained intact during their childhoods. The ones whose families broke off communication were more than three times more likely to become ill.

The breakdown in communication is likely not the only factor that will affect one’s immunity during his or her lifetime. It is becoming better recognized that things such as personality traits can also have an effect on the state of one’s health. Unhappy or angry people may also be more prone to depression or addiction, which can also create a downward turn in one’s health.

It is impossible to know what the future holds; however, maintaining as good a relationship as possible with the other parent, both during and after divorce, is encouraged as far as is possible. New Jersey residents who find it difficult to maintain good communication with a former or soon-to-be ex-spouse may find it helpful to engage in mediation. This can reduce the stress felt by everyone involved, leading to better quality time spent together between children and their parents, currently and into the future.

Source:, “Nasty parental divorce may leave a mark on adult immune system“, Lisa Rapaport, July 5, 2017


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