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Avoid child custody stress by sharing information

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2017 | Child Custody

Getting divorced may ease the pressure of spousal responsibilities, but it usually increases parental pressures if there are children involved. This mainly — but not only — applies when parents share child custody, because both parents have to do right by the other one to avoid contention. After the divorce, most New Jersey parents want to spare their children further trauma by maintaining an amicable relationship with each other. To achieve this, it helps to address even seemingly insignificant issues in the parenting plan and make sure it is included in the custody order.

Although the circumstances of each family are unique, both parents must know the details of any illness or medical problem a child may experience. As soon as a consultation is scheduled by one parent, the other one must be informed — even if it is done via email or text message. It is also important for both parents to be fully informed about the diagnosis and the medication to ensure the well-being of the child with both parents.

Another issue that might lead to contention is sharing information about a child’s extra-curricular activities at school. The best way may be to share a calendar showing all the activities along with the names and contact details of coaches. Another helpful tip is to make sure both parents are on the school and coaches’ email contact lists to ensure group emails reach both parents.

These are but two of the issues that could spoil the relationship between ex-spouses and cause tension for the children. Paying attention to the little things may help to eliminate unnecessary post-divorce stress. One way to make sure nothing is left unaddressed in the parenting plan is to use the advice and guidance of an experienced New Jersey family law attorney when child custody negotiations take place during the divorce process.

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