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Shared parenting time: A positive move for Women’s Equality Day

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Child Custody

The traditional gender roles of yesteryear have been turned on their heads more than once in recent times. When it comes to bringing up their children, New Jersey parents have many options available to them. The benefits of quality parenting time can enhance an individual’s relationship with his or her children and may also allow the parents to find fulfilment as individuals.

The recent celebration of Women’s Equality Day may make one think of such things as women being granted the right to vote in elections or to own property. Women are also able to pursue a wider range of careers, climbing higher than ever before in pursuit of their goals. Having children is not necessarily a hindrance to the attainment of those goals, although the prospect of single parenthood following separation or divorce may initially seem like the end of a woman’s dreams. Traditionally, the majority of mothers were awarded sole custody of their children, but in more recent times many fathers have sought a more active presence in their children’s lives.

At the time, sole custody may seem as though the mother has won the battle, however, over time what may become apparent is that the only way for a mother to achieve equality in the workplace is by maintaining equality in the split of parental responsibility. When the father enjoys greater access to parenting time, the mother can remain fulfilled in whatever directions her ambitions may take her. This encourages a closer and healthier bond with the children for both parents. It also teaches the children that both parents are of equal importance, and can be a reassuring constant during a time of change and uncertainty.

Many other countries have successfully shown that shared parenting time can work well. New Jersey parents can either agree a plan between themselves or seek help from an appropriate third party, such as a mediator. Setting things out formally will ensure that everyone knows where they stand.

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