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Should a man pay child support for a child that is not his?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2017 | Child Support

From the first moment children draw breath, their parents form strong bonds with them. Many New Jersey residents will understand a parent’s desire to do the best for his or her child. Seeking — or paying — child support, is one way of making provisions for them. What happens if a man is expected to make payments for a child that is not his?

Last year, a man was served court papers that claimed he had a daughter, in addition to the three children and two nephews he is currently raising. Shortly after, he met with the girl, who was born in 2003, and submitted to a DNA test that proved he was not the girl’s biological father. When the girl was born, her mother had told the child support court that this man was definitely the father, and the court ruled that he must make payments to the mother. The man claims that he was unaware of this until last year.

According to the laws of that state, support payments that have accumulated prior to the paternity test are still payable, despite the result of the test. In this instance, the arrears are around $65,000. The ex-girlfriend’s attorney has argued that money was deducted, in respect of child support for this daughter, from the man’s pay check some years ago. As it was not contested, this proves that he was aware of the matter. The man is now hoping to persuade the court to reconsider the case.

While this is an unusual case, situations like this are happening more often now. Many New Jersey residents will be able to sympathize with this dilemma. The best interest of the child must be considered, and seeking appropriate advice regarding outstanding child support payments will help to find the best way forward for everyone.

Source: Fox News, “Texas man ordered to pay $65G in child support for kid who isn’t his“, July 23, 2017


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