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Mediation can help you divorce now

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2017 | Mediation

Until local divorce courts ease the restrictions on divorce proceedings, many people worry that they may have to simply live in marriages that are dysfunctional, at best, and dangerous, at worst. It is easy to feel trapped and helpless when legal avenues for dissolving a marriage are hard to come by.

Fortunately for many couples in New Jersey, divorce is still possible through divorce mediation. In many ways, divorce mediation is a superior solution to traditionally litigated divorce, even when all options remain on the table. However, considering the current state of our courts, mediation is a measure of mercy in an otherwise difficult season.

If you and your spouse need a divorce, you can achieve it, even in the current court crisis. With aid from a properly trained and certified mediator, it is possible to come to fair arrangements on every aspect of your divorce.

Mediators can settle your divorce needs without a courtroom

One of the primary advantages to mediation is its ability to offer you and your spouse a neutral, professional venue to work out your divorce without waiting on a court. The mediators understand how to keep the situation civil, even in cases where each party is combative.

Of course, the less combative you can be as you come to the negotiation table, the better you will fair overall. Mediators’ training leads them through conflict resolution and compromise scenarios, so that even couples who don’t come in knowing how they want the divorce to go can actually find the help they need.

Whether you are a young couple who simply needs to call the marriage off and go their separate ways or a family with children and complex assets to sort out, a mediator can help you reach fair, legally binding agreements.

This is particularly useful in child custody arrangements, where emotions often come to the forefront and may make level-headed reasoning difficult. Children should be protected and cared for throughout any divorce, and mediation offers couples an excellent opportunity to put children first and make sure that they do not suffer unnecessarily while parents sort out custody issues.

Keep your divorce off the record

Another excellent advantage to mediation is that it keeps your private matters private. When a divorce goes down in the courtroom, everything that occurs there is public record unless some party goes to great lengths to seal court records, which is not always possible.

Mediation is private by definition, so there is no need to worry that the details of your personal life and family dysfunction may spill out into the public eye.

If you need a divorce and cannot wait for the courts to catch up, consider consulting with a professional divorce mediator today.


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