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Collaborative law can make a divorce a whole lot easier

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2017 | Collaborative Law

Divorcing couples in New Jersey have various options when it comes to ending their marriages. Those who can still communicate with each other have an option that can save time and money and avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. Collaborative law allows couples to negotiate their own divorce agreements to suit their unique circumstances instead of leaving important decisions for judges to make.

A collaborative divorce involves the two spouses and their respective attorneys. All parties must sign agreements stating that the divorcing spouses will have to hire different attorneys if collaboration fails and they choose to litigate. Meetings between the spouses and their attorneys — along with other professional advisers and even a mediator if necessary — will facilitate negotiations with the goal of reaching mutual agreements on property division, child-related issues and more.

Sometimes, couples manage to work out all the details without professional assistance, except for the final part in which the legal documents must be prepared. Others may need a mediator’s help to work out the details of one or two contentious issues before continuing collaboration. As a process, collaboration can lessen conflict, secure a temporary agreement, promote voluntary information exchange, and lead to a unique settlement that suits both parties as well as stipulating how they would handle post-divorce issues.

For New Jersey couples who believe they can use this efficient and cost-effective divorce process, each spouse must hire an attorney who is specially trained in collaborative law. The divorcing parties will first have personal meetings with their respective lawyers to discuss their concerns and goals. Then, the four of them will meet together and work on a divorce agreement that will serve the best interests of both parties and any children that may be involved.

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