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Mediation: Blake and Rachael finalize divorce within 6 months

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Mediation

It is not often people hear that a celebrity divorce is finalized within a few months. People in New Jersey may be surprised that the divorce of Blake Anderson and Rachael Finley was concluded within six months. It is not clear whether they reached settlement agreements on their own or through mediation, which is becoming the chosen method of divorce for many.

The couple’s marriage lasted about five years, and they have a daughter who is three years old. A media report indicates that the two of them agreed that joint physical and legal child custody would be in the best interest of the girl. There appear to be no contentious matters that they could not resolve, and the judge’s stamp of approval after the mandatory six-month cooling-off period was all they needed to finalize their divorce.

This divorce is an example of many others in which couples realize that they can save significant amounts of money and time by negotiating their own settlement agreements. Those who find it difficult to agree on all or some issues may utilize the services of a qualified divorce mediator who can provide a platform for peaceful negotiations. A mediator will help the couple to focus on the future and solutions that will fit their unique circumstances rather than on the issues that led to the divorce.

A divorce mediator’s only task is to facilitate and encourage communication — and compromise when necessary. He or she may not provide legal advice. For that purpose, each spouse can retain the services of an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney who can provide not only legal guidance during mediation but also valuable input based on years of experience in dealing with families in the throes of divorces.

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