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Azarenka confident child custody battle will end in her favor

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2018 | Child Custody

New Jersey parents who are currently trying to balance professional lives with family law situations understand just how stressful such circumstances can be. When the stakes are bumped up another notch, and a parent is an international tennis star, the pressures of competition in conjunction with a child custody battle may seem overwhelming at times. Such has been the case for Victoria Azarenka, whose personal problems kept her from competing in the 2017 U.S. Open.

Azarenka was born in another country. She and her son’s father decided to end their relationship approximately seven months after the child was born. When the child was a year old, his father filed a lawsuit in another state to keep Azarenka from being able to leave with her child. She had planned on taking him on the road with her for the U.S. Open.

A California court ruled in the father’s favor, and Azarenka not only missed out on the U.S. Open but the Australian Open as well. In a turn of events, a judge recently wrote a 65-page document ruling that the tennis star’s case does not belong in California. In fact, he added that it is his opinion after reviewing the case, that the issues should not be litigated at all in the United States.

The child’s husband can appeal the judge’s decision. Azarenka says she hopes to take her son back to her homeland but is willing to secure a shared parenting arrangement. Child custody situations that cross international borders are often quite complex and difficult to resolve when one or both parents reside in the United States. Anyone in New Jersey facing this type of challenge can seek guidance by consulting with an experienced family law attorney.

Source: New York Post, “Tennis starlet gets big win in career-halting custody battle“, Jaclyn Hendricks, Jan. 16, 2018


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