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Divorce mediation on the card for WWE star, Bray Wyatt

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2018 | Mediation

When a New Jersey married couple decides to divorce, they must agree upon which process they want to use. In highly combative situations, it’s sometimes not possible for spouses to resolve important issues, such as child custody, spousal or child support-related matters. In such circumstances, litigation is often necessary. Spouses who want very much to keep their divorces out of court may choose mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution.

Wrestling superstar, Bray Wyatt, and his soon-to-be former wife, Samantha Rotunda, reportedly attended a mediation session together recently. This meeting came after rumors surfaced regarding discord between the two spouses. Rotunda is said to have claimed that Wyatt has failed to make good on child support and spousal support payments he agreed to pay.

In situations like this, where personal details are published in the media, it makes divorce all the more stressful. In the wrestler’s case, he is accused of having an affair during the with a female WWE announcer. The two are supposedly now sharing a home together.

Having chosen mediation, it’s likely that Rotunda and Wyatt to resolve their differences as amicably as possible. Mediation is a way for spouses to openly discuss their concerns, with a willingness to cooperate and compromise as necessary to achieve a settlement that is fair and satisfactory to both parties. Many divorced New Jersey parents who encounter problems with parenting plans use this type of proceeding to openly discuss ongoing issues, which, once resolved, can be submitted to the court for approval.

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